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Galileo Group LLC and Galileo Consulting S.A. de C.V.

Who Are We?


Galileo Investment Group prides itself on client satisfaction, which means that we are continuously seeking to provide new avenues to world-class performance and maximum results. To achieve these goals, we routinely conduct comprehensive analyses regarding the constant fluctuation of market conditions as well as associated variables that have the potential to affect profitability. We initiate this process preceding the launch of every venture. Additionally, we partner with clients and associates in order to devise the most effective strategies for executing all projects. This process allows us to implement innovative solutions for any complex challenge a client may present.


One of the defining characteristics of Galileo Investment Group is our collective experience of more than 100 years in the financial and investment industry. This extensive background equips our experts with the knowledge that is fundamental for identifying otherwise concealed market opportunities. However, what is more important than our experience is our distinguished network of partnerships that create infinite possibilities for capitalizing on investment ventures. 


Galileo Investment Group has proven its commitment to clients by excelling under diverse circumstances and phases of economy. This is partly a derivative stemming from the notion that Galileo Investment Group does not endorse “seasonal” projects that tend to fluctuate in a positive correlation with the ups and downs of the economy. To circumvent these types of projects, Galileo Investment Group conducts extensive research regarding variables that possess the ability to influence profitability. This process requires expert experience in underwriting, strong industrial relationships, as well as motivated interest from both investors and clients.


The success derived from these procedures has built an invaluable level of trust between Galileo Investment Group and all partners and clients.  To assist in maintaining these relationships, we collaborate with other advisors on our clients’ team such as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), attorneys, trustees, and actuaries, just to mention a few. Galileo Investment Group’s commitment to success drives our ambition, and we look forward to sharing mutual accomplishments in future endeavors. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who assists in the collaboration that transforms the abstract possibility of these achievements into a concrete reality, because we consider our clients more than just business partners; we consider them family.

Our mission is to enable our business partners for financial growth by finding the right partners, investors and projects while reducing costs, opening capacities, and growing sales using our expertise in business process improvement techniques. We will attain this ambition by developing strategies and methodologies that improve efficiencies and navigate complex regulations of the projects.
Galileo’s diverse team provides the skills and knowledge necessary to drive the success our clients seek.
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